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Alleke is 5 years old

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Hi, my name is Kelly and I write about being a dad. Let me tell you more about me...

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Free ebook for New Fathers

I recently published a book called Becoming Dad: A True Story of One Man’s Transformation from Clueless Husband to Involved and Nurturing Father. I’m giving away a big chunk of the book (the pregnancy section) as a free ebook. Enjoy!


I stood at the door of the convent and put my phone to my ear. “Hi,” I said. “I just dropped Alleke off at her classroom, and she was crying.” “Did she say what was wrong?” April asked. “She told me this morning that she didn’t want to go to school, and then when we […]


Casseroles & Gravy by Cameron Nordholm. I helped Alleke pull on her stocking cap and tied it under her chin, then lifted her into my arms and took one more look around the apartment before we would catch the metro and surprise April at the airport. The toys were put away. The floors were mopped. […]

Who knew it would be so difficult to send your wife away to Amsterdam for a couple days to herself?

Especially when April loves nothing more than to travel, and Amsterdam is one of her favorite cities on the planet, and I offered to keep Alleke at home with me while she was gone. The idea was to send April to Amsterdam for a weekend conference while Alleke and I stayed in Madrid. April often […]

Bed Book

I just finished writing my first kids’ book. I won’t be looking for a literary agent, however, because I wrote this book just for Alleke. In fact, she is the main character in the story, and the book is about her new bedtime routine. Discipline as training (not punishment) I made a significant breakthrough in […]

Blue Marker

N by cursedthing. Alleke and I were jumping on the bed and playing balloon volleyball (which is what we do every day when April is gone) when Alleke noticed something on the bottom of her foot. She sat down on the bed to inspect it. I peered over her shoulder at the fuzzy blue spot […]

Reference Point

clementines by GLOBEGIRDLER. I watched Alleke take two clementines from the bowl and set them down on the table in front of her. She looked at them for a while, as if these two ordinary clementines might unlock some key to the universe, then pointed at the bigger one and said “Daddy” and at the […]

I Scream. You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream.

Alleke screams now. It all began over a piece of birthday cake. I got the last one, topped with vanilla ice cream, and sat down on the couch to eat it when Alleke noticed me take my first bite. Immediately she was at my side, standing on her tippy toes, and peering into my dish. […]

Day Care

A little boy and girl were shoveling sand into cups and serving them as lemon ice cream to anyone who walked by. I pointed them out to Alleke, who was pretending to ride a motorcycle on a spring, and asked if she wanted to play with them. Alleke always says yes when I ask her […]


April and I don’t usually parent at the same time. We take turns. One of us takes care of Alleke, and the other is running errands, meeting up with a friend, or relaxing. I’m surprised at how little time we actually spend together as a family. Today, for example, I have Alleke in the morning. […]

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